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Advanced Hotel Management System (AHMS)

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Advanced Hotel Management System (AHMS)

About Us:

“Software Solution Group” is a software development infrastructure specializing in providing custom solutions for all types of commercial and non-commercial applications. We strive to build solutions to specific needs of our clients to get their job done right the first time. We have been providing our services to different sectors like Hotels, Retail stores, schools and colleges, and others since 2002.

Our Vision:

  • The software should perform for the owner/appointed authority/management on first priority to block loopholes in any system.
  • Effectively improve the productivity and performance of complete system.
  • Easy to use for users and data entry operators within authorized limits in single/multiuser environment.
  • Continuous upgrades to improve performance and patching to block loopholes.
  • Cross platform (Windows/Android/Mac IOS) access to increase availability and validation over LAN/WAN or internet.
  • Integration of latest trends & technology. Third party utility integration using APIs.
  • Personalized and effective 24 hrs support mechanism at all times barring times of natural calamities and under conditions out of our control.
  • Being cost effective AT ALL TIMES.

For HOTEL Industry we offer our flagship product “AHMS Ver. 7.8.6”. It is a comprehensive suit consisting of integrated modules for various departments and divisions of a standard hotel providing facilities to manage all the day to day operations.

The Feel: The system is designed with Windows interfacing system. It is compatible with all x32 & x64 windows OS and processor architecture ensuring future portability and compliance. Clients use thin client technology to connect to feeding server across any OS platform supporting thin client. The feel below is that as logged into the system as administrator. User will not be able to see options not assigned to them by administrator.

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